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Really enjoyed this entry! Made a playthrough of it here - - Great artwork and animations for the battles. I think it was a good level of challenge - I just made bad choices for my cards in every one of my deaths. :)


Hi! Just checked out the video, thank you for playing :) I am releasing a closed beta of Forward (another game I made) very soon, if you’d like to join you can DM on Twitter (@twotinydice)


Love the art and animations on this. Great twist on the card battle genre, and very challenging. There is a small bug that the character doesn't always pick up green gems, but otherwise it works perfectly. 

Hey when Zany says there is a final boss, does she mean after completing the story with every char, there is another level? Or just that there is a boss at each stage?

Anyway, moar vids:


I like the idea but it's not fair to the player.

You get potions but they're useless unless you also have wind scrolls or feathers. Bosses can't be pushed either.

Is there any way to remove misplaced cards?


Really liked this one, very well put together. Honestly I'm amazed how replayable it is for a 7DRL submission. Big fan of your other card games, too.

Unlocked and beaten it with all of the heroes. The weapon characters seem to have it easiest, carrot is a score maxer, wizard is tactical and the barrel guy is hard mode.

The only thing I've been missing occasionally is an option to undo card placements if you haven't rerolled. But you can do without it.

Just well done. Can't get enough of it.


Thank you very much for your feedback, it’s really nice to read.

You’re right, I had planned to do an undo in my roadmap. But it was a lot of work and I had too little time, especially for the scroll cards, so I dropped the idea. This would definitely be the next feature to add.

Thanks for your message anyway, it’s very encouraging :)


its pretty good


I like this game :)

haha well done! You definitely broke the game XD I’m glad to see it didn’t crash!

Thanks for your message and for playing :)

I also found this exploit, could be fixed by making the reroll change your cards instead of giving you a new hand, a.k.a only giving you the amount of cards you have. Fun to use though.

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realy nice

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Nice take on the roguelike genere, a little bit slow on the playout after you place the cards, but the puzzles feel balanced.

Please, make a downloadable version for PC.


Crazy good game. Since it is deterministic, each stage feels like a little puzzle. (Because of this, I would have appreciated the ability to unplay cards, so I can play around until I find the perfect ordering.)

Great interactions - e.g. when I realised I could push enemies into the poison potion, I was more excited than I should have been. The characters feel nicely different too.

I’m going to be playing a lot of this. Ok, enough writing, I need to go unlock the rest of the heroes!


Thanks for playing and for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

I’m glad you noticed and appreciated these interactions :) In my opinion, it’s an important part of the game but not necessarily noticeable. I still have a lot of ideas in my head, maybe if we continue the development I will make an update.

Thanks again for your feedback :)