Defeat 17 fighters one by one!

It is a deck-building card game. Our character is out of control, but we can choose which cards he will fight with.

How it works

Each fight is fully automatic.
Your cards and those of your opponent will face each other one by one at random.

The cards have colored circles and squares:

  • Each circle inflicts 1 point of damage to the opponent.
  • The squares are shields that prevents an opponent's damage of the same color.

The objective is to carefully choose your cards according to the opponent's cards.

About the jam

Time is out of control.

The initial idea was to have cards with different effects (poison, fire, healing, etc...) to add strategy and a "build" system. And to be able to choose a way to fight (aggressive, defensive...).

I also wanted to be able to choose a starting character that would have different characteristics (hit points, number of cards, etc...).

But for all this, I ran out of time.


This is my submission for the GMTK Jam 2020, theme "Out of control".
Made in 48h.

Code and design : Christophe Coyard.
Assets :
Audio :


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Great game! Super smooth gameplay, and catchy graphics. 

I'm a big fan of Forward, which is also hard, but much more winnable. I probably win one out of 6 games of Forward. Here, I've played 30 or so and haven't come close to winning yet. I believe this could use a bit more balance, such as:

  • A Medium difficulty (+1 heart) or even an Easy difficulty (+2  hearts)
  • A 20% chance of drawing a card (after a win) that is +2 points above the other cards. Like an epic drop in a looting game. 

Please, compile an executable version for PC.

Your game is great :)

I agree with CrowesFeet, maybe you need to add more option before battle.

For combat system, blocks are actually pretty weak. Maybe you should add (success hit + sucess block) - (ennemy success hit + ennemy success block), then the difference hit your ennemy (or you). I may bring more strategu about picking cards.

The shuffle part of the battle is pretty original and fun ! :)


I love your other card games and have been playing them nonstop for days each. If you're still developing them, I have a chunk of suggestions for them.

I just got off a Mind Cards binge when I saw this come up on your profile! But for whatever reason, this doesn't grab me the same way your other games did.

Perhaps it could be the lack of persistent progression? This game can end rather uneventfully and lead you back all the way to the beginning with nothing to show for it. While your other games can commonly end with scenarios where defeat is guaranteed, here it tends to be more demoralizing since the number of options we have are extremely limited. We get a random set of starter cards and get one card out of a random set of four, and aside from that we don't have any input about how things go. It's hard to strategize.

The type of play is also quite limited since it's basically colors as the only mechanic. Not a lot of differences in kind to keep things interesting.

Thanks for your comment, it’s really cool that you took the time to write it. And thanks for playing my games :)

You’re totally right, I don’t see a lot of potential for this game. I’ve only had 48 hours to do it, so it’s definitely lacking a lot of depth. As I detailed on the game page, I was thinking about adding more features but I ran out of time.

I would probably have to change the combat system and add more choices before and after a battle.

This prototype should be seen as a test of new mechanics, not a finished game.

I like your comment, it makes me think :)


Yeah, I agree with Eldar. The game is polished to the brim and its gameplay ideas are really enticing. Difficulty is pretty high, however.


Played your game for half an hour, the visual polish is superb! It's very addictive as well, although not as much as Forward! (probably achievements help gamify that one further)  Great stuff!

I might be just bad, but I didn't manage to get past 5 fights - maybe balancing needs a bit of tweaking. My meager high score below:

Thanks a lot for your comment :) You’re right, the game is too difficult, we have to privilege defense. But still I just added 1 HP to the player, I hope it will improve things.

Thanks again for your feedback :)