Mind Cards is a strategy card game in which you must survive by defeating a deck with multiple cards, good or bad, while collecting as many gems as possible.

At each game, the deck is randomly generated: monsters, gems, heal, food and skills are many cards you will play to survive... or die.

Use the gems you have collected to unlock new skill cards, from a list of 46 available cards, and improve your chances of winning.

Complete quests to win more gems and always discover new cards. Be careful however, the difficulty will be there and the progress can sometimes be perilous...

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(52 total ratings)
AuthorChristophe Coyard
GenreCard Game, Puzzle, Strategy
Tagscollection, Roguelite
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone

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i played it and liked it. its very polished. its a good minimal card game experience. i can learn a lot from it. 

i had gotten so far, and now my progress reset... and it didnt before... sad times... i really dont want to restart from the beginning again....


can you make an android bersion?

the game is good


Hey, I loved the game, was a lot of fun to play, but the one thing missing, in my opinion, is the ability to modify your deck by removing cards, instead of just adding them, like if it increased in cost each time, and you couldn't remove monsters, but so you could remove stupidity, abilities you don't like, etc. Otherwise, a very fun game!

hello, i love this game,but i’m stuck on the quest ,,win a game with a score more than 100” and i can’t ger even to 90. Do you guys any tips on wining more points? btw i have all special cards. thank you!

Is there a full card list anywhere? I would love to print & play this IRL.

no,but if you would give me your social i would love to send it to you one by one if you don’t have the game

I'm on Facebook.

Deleted post

What happens if you replay a replay card? Will it cause some kind of weird paradox?

Yes absolutely

Actually I don't know, I'm not a dev, but that'd be cool.

How do I skip the tutorial?

Btw. Love the game. Already spent hours in it. Do you have any intentions of updating it or making a second one?

im addicted... i crave for more

If you have another crave… I can invite you to the beta of Forward: Escape the Fold ;) Just DM on Twitter (@twotinydice)

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question!Are all of the quest possible to do? 

I'm stuck at the "win a game with a score of 70 or more"

I GOT 69

"I've won, but at what cost"

Forget it. I completed it

how do I turn off skill cards I don't want to use?


You can’t. This is the main issue in my game design… It was my first game, I’ve learned since then :)

no no its not an isssue its a good thing it makes the game more difficult 

C'est une des meilleures jeux sure l'iPhone que j'ai joué. Mais parceque j'ai changé a Android,  je ne peux plus le joué. S'il vous plaît, est-ce que tu peux mettre le  jeux que je préfère le plus sure Android? C'est une des selles jeux que j'avais sur iOS et je veux continuer de jouer sur Android aussi.

If you want  to unlock all the cards (if we exclude the value from quests), you have to get 13,025 coins so when you buy them at the beginning of the game be careful cause you will be stuck with that choice for a long time


I have been stuck on the "transform into play" goal (which I don't understand) for a very long time and I am not even mad because the game is fun.

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Yep. My english is pretty bad :/ Sorry for that.
It should be "transform a card in play" I think. Or "transform a card on board" .

Glad you liked the game :)


this is so awesome, if only I could play it on android though

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Well crafted game,  no bugs! Congrats

Thanks ! :)


Awesome game! I can play it all the day!

Do you have a plan to develop an Android Mind Cards?

Thanks :)

I tried but posting app on play store is a mess. Not a good experience for me :/

If you just build an apk and upload it? pleeeease!


Super jeu mais disponible que sur iOS...

Wow, cool concept! So as the player, I basically need to plan out what order I choose the cards in so that my net health always remains above zero, is that right?

Looks like you're well on the way with progress and you've already released it to the app store. Congrats!