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Does the Ring of Greed do anything, other than make you take damage when you get gold?

litteraly JUST saw this in game before i read this lol

Awww RIP!

probably no

I loved! Awesome art and gameplay :D

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I love this game but all of a sudden It wont work can someone help me please ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

What do you mean by "It won't work"?

when I hit run game it just shows a dark navy screen

Not sure what the problem is, sorry.

Simple and fun concept with a small amount of progression (three unlockable classes).  Love the art and sounds.  Not too much math.  I'm not sure what to do with gold after unlocking all three.  With a little balancing, this could be something!  For example, why do you only get omelettes if you let the monsters attack you instead of for attacking monsters directly?  It's a lose-lose.  A lot of the items seem useless or downright bad.  Sometimes, chests roll all cursed items and you lose the run because you opened a chest which feels bad.  Thanks for making this and good luck!

feels kinda like Slay the Spire


Love using Enyra

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It won't load it's just stuck at the begging, the game won't start :(

Hope you don't mind but I based a Phaser 3 Tutorial on this game.

Amazing game!


its weird how sometimes the chest are sometimes filled with cursed-like objects. but when you dont get those, its fun

A bug is that with the ring of vitality in the demon wing still gives you a sheilf

Game doesn't function

kinda bummed that the ring of courage and the cursed shield don't synergize, with those two you should get 5 shields every time you fight. 

Oh yeah i was thinking the same thing


does the map DO anything?


Good game great graphics and controls.Also are you planning to make this a payed game?


Yes! Currently working on it. It will be released on Steam, itch, iOS and Android.


Love this game! Want to play more! haha.

I see that your are continue the development of it. So I look forward to it ;)

I love the game but I can't download it pleaseeee put a download link

are you gonna make a full version of this game?

Yes! I’m working on it right now. You can follow me on twitter (@twotinydice), I’ll post some news.


wow this game is simply amazing. it does not get boring after time and is being challenging all the time. its a very cool idea and has been executed well.


Amazing, simple but challenging, I loved


It would really be neat to add a custom character once you've beaten the game with all four, where you can set your initial life, shields, and abilities.


Thanks for your message. I’m currently working on the Steam/ios/android version of the game and I’m thinking about adding this feature as an endgame game mode.


I'm trying to get the Ring of Courage / Shield Curse combo. I've gotten it once and it seems to only bring your shields up to five rather than increase them by five each round, but it sounds like it would be pretty impressive if you can get two or more Rings of Courage.

I once got 3 rings of courage and didn't get 1 cursed shield


Very much enjoyed this game would pay for a full version, and would be cool if some of the monster had negative effects too like a poison that hurts you for x number of moves after


Thanks! We had the same idea :) I included it in the next version. It’s the “3” in the top right corner of the character’s card. There will also be other different statuses.


I would definitely pay money for this on Steam for an expanded version -- is there a wishlist page?

Thank you! I really appreciate. The wishlist page will be ready in few days (I asked a translator for help, my English is not good enough haha). I’ll post some news on itch and twitter soon ;)


Dude, you need to expand on this game and get it on steam. This is brilliant.


Working on it!

Post your record for killing corrupted monsters here.

 Mine is 63! 

Really nice! I would love to have this on my pc to play in spare time, with stats and leveling up, etc. 

Good art, mechanics, and overall game design however it could work well as an infinite game and a lot more characters.

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A lot of fun!!  thank you


Awesome game!!

This is a really addicting but fun game.

Fantastic simple but addicting game, well done!


First hero remember me Dead Cells

I'm new to this platform and i can't start this game, i just see the brown background with a black line on it. Only happens with this game and i would love to play it.

Do i need to update/download something? Am i just dumb?

This game was awesome, where is the none game version?

Top game, i need to download this.

This is bomb! Well done friend, sunk way too much time into it.

Very nice.

Very nice and original game. I've won the game with every character, but the demon girl is the best one by far.


Downloadable Version?


very good, but too short!

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