Move forward and survive.

How to play:
Just drag and drop your hero card onto one of the three card cards in front of him.
Your hero can only move on the cards with which he is in contact.
The game is lost if your hero's health is reduced to 0.

There are different types of cards:

  • Monster: inflicts damage on you. A monster will attack you if you are in front of him at the end of the turn.
  • Shield: gives you a shield. Be careful, shield cards replace your current shield if you have one.
  • Potion: heals you.
  • Coin: you get the gold back at the end of the game.
  • Item: items have passive effects when they are added to your inventory. They cannot be removed from it. Be careful, not all the effects are positive!
  • Chest: Allows you to choose special rewards.

Notes : The game is available in English and French.

Awesome pixel art by DGHZ :
Bubble emote by Kicked-in-Teeth
Sounds from


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I'm trying to get the Ring of Courage / Shield Curse combo. I've gotten it once and it seems to only bring your shields up to five rather than increase them by five each round, but it sounds like it would be pretty impressive if you can get two or more Rings of Courage.


Very much enjoyed this game would pay for a full version, and would be cool if some of the monster had negative effects too like a poison that hurts you for x number of moves after

Thanks! We had the same idea :) I included it in the next version. It’s the “3” in the top right corner of the character’s card. There will also be other different statuses.


I would definitely pay money for this on Steam for an expanded version -- is there a wishlist page?

Thank you! I really appreciate. The wishlist page will be ready in few days (I asked a translator for help, my English is not good enough haha). I’ll post some news on itch and twitter soon ;)


Dude, you need to expand on this game and get it on steam. This is brilliant.

Working on it!

Post your record for killing corrupted monsters here.

 Mine is 63! 

Really nice! I would love to have this on my pc to play in spare time, with stats and leveling up, etc. 

Good art, mechanics, and overall game design however it could work well as an infinite game and a lot more characters.

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A lot of fun!!  thank you


Awesome game!!

This is a really addicting but fun game.

Fantastic simple but addicting game, well done!


First hero remember me Dead Cells

I'm new to this platform and i can't start this game, i just see the brown background with a black line on it. Only happens with this game and i would love to play it.

Do i need to update/download something? Am i just dumb?

This game was awesome, where is the none game version?

Top game, i need to download this.

This is bomb! Well done friend, sunk way too much time into it.

Very nice.

Very nice and original game. I've won the game with every character, but the demon girl is the best one by far.


Downloadable Version?


very good, but too short!


Bien joué ! Gameplay diablement efficace et magnifique PixelArt !!

Merci :)


Good game, I have a loot of fun!


Playd this game a year ago! Nice mechanic and fun gameplay! :D :D :D

Can you make this downloadable for mobile Please :

That would be AMAZING

Can you pls make a downloadable version pls


really fun. Hope you add more to this. :)

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Amazing. just played your other game mind cards for hours and now this?!!?

You really want me to spend a lot of time stuck on the pc damn these games are good.

Keep up the good work and I hope to see more from you.


I love it! Its a great idea combining the rougelike and card game genres.


Incredible game, love it! 


Really creative idea, I can't get enough of this game!


ugh love this game


i think i'm lucky:

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So lucky! 😃 Did you win at the end?


nope, but I've won before :) thanks for making this game!


after couple of tries, we got that 'victory' ;D


Really fun game love it would like to see more characters and even powers or maybe a shop so there is more use for gold! Really fun!


Brilliant Ideas

(1 edit) (+2)

Great game! Has a lot of potential.

Deleted 265 days ago

I don't know what that is


This game is awesome! Very addictive (is a good way)

Did you come up with the gameplay idea by yourself or is it a remake of some existing mechanics? 


Thanks :) It was my idea. I’m developing it for an ios, android and steam game right now ;)


That's great that you decided to turn it into a full featured game. I'm looking forward to it.

What would you recommend to read/watch about developing a card game (or any other chance-based games) for someone who is thinking about making a game of a similar genre?


How is this not on Steam yet? The game is awesome. ( need help with port? ;> )


Thanks :) I’m working on it (for apple store, play store, steam and itch) with more content and new design/illustrations. I’ll probably post some devlogs on soon.


Love the mechanic also the art is quite beutiful


beautiful! fun!

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