Forward on Kickstarter!

Hello everyone,

Big announcement today - I’m bringing Forward: Escape the Fold to Kickstarter! I’m really excited about this campaign as I’m going to be focusing on bringing more people to the game than ever before.

The campaign will start on January 25th at 10am EST - so that’s less than a week from now!

Check out the campaign and don’t forget to follow the project!

I’ve set a small goal of 1000$ but it’s more about allowing anyone to pre-purchase the game before it hits Steam later this year. And add a few extra perks and this is probably the best time to get the game.

Also more importantly, everyone who joins the campaign will be part of the last stage of beta testing and will get to try out the game before everyone else.

Over the past year, so many people have encouraged me to pursue this project and now that it’s actually happening, I’m blown away! Hopefully, I can deliver on my promises and offer a great game to all of you :) As you probably know this game’s story started here with a 7DRL Game Jam in 2019.

I’ll be updating you on the campaign here but don’t miss out it’ll only last 13 days!


You can also follow me on Twitter @twotinydice and wishlist on Steam :)


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can not wait for the campaign's start! 

Thank you! Only ONE more day until the start of the campaign :)


That is awesome, Christophe! Bon courage et bonne chance!