Thoughts on Kickstarter

Yesterday, my campaign for Forward just ended after 13 days of excitement!

In those 13 days, the game managed to receive the support of 180 incredible backers who pledged just over 5500$ for the project. As you may know, the game is already quite far in development and this last push I going to help me implement some last-minute features but more importantly the backers can help me with the last round of playtest!

Overall, the experience was really nice and in addition to the participation at Demonights, helped me increase visibility of the game. Many of the backers had actually played the game on Itch and it’s wonderful connecting with people who played the game back in 2020.

I’ll definitely consider using Kickstarter again when the time comes to develop a new game as it really helped me find my community and build something with them. The next step is the start of playtesting this week to have feedback before launching the game in March.

Next date to remember is Feb 21, Forward will take part in Steam’s Next Fest! So I’ll have a demo up and running for the event :)

To not miss the demo, wishlist on Steam!


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